What’s Your Purpose In Life?

Got purpose? Do you believe in destiny?

You came here for a purpose. Whether you know it or not, you’ll fulfill that purpose. Even the most affluent among us often find themselves restless. We are ultimately here to make a difference, to help the planet and humanity awaken through our own unique touch. The destiny switch is on for all of us. While some of us try to suppress it, many of us go looking for the bigger picture.

The sooner we discover who we are, both individually and collectively, the sooner we will experience an absolute fulfillment and realize just what we offer the world. As we consciously pursue our destiny, we discover bliss completely independent of circumstances. We are finally free to enjoy everyone and everything we encounter.

Throughout every age our purpose in life was viewed very differently. We are beginning to find that the “old” modern standpoint no longer works.

We can no longer live on the “surface” and walk around all hollow. In fact, we cannot face or solve any new problems or challenges this way… being all in our heads and not in our hearts. The world is changing and so do we… must change… the way we approach it. To be effective, we now must operate out of a whole new set of values.

So where does the search begin for your very own purpose in life?

It starts within – your connection to the deeper self and higher consciousness. It is the place where you can actually experience the feeling of perfection. When we come out of the context of perfection, we come from that infinite possibility, as we have popped out of a preoccupation with survival. We finally see the obvious… that our purpose in life is to play… or being more specific – Awaken, Create, Play and Celebrate.

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