It’s Time For A New Consciousness

New Age. New Rules. New Game.

Some of us adapt to change immediately, while others tend to resist it until we turn blue in the face and pass out. Regardless of the era in which we find ourselves, we continue to search for meaning.

Today, we find ourselves living in a very inclusive, spiritual age, what we like to call the Planetary Age. This is an age where the world is rapidly coming together all the while it is falling apart. We enjoy an unparalleled global communications infrastructure while facing environmental destruction, religious violence and economic dislocation.

One event leads us to another. Over time, we come to see that this all happens for a reason. The Modern Age inevitably led us to the Planetary Age. It was a necessary process, meaning, it “had” to happen. We saw the beginning of the end with the advent of the information age, with satellite communications and the counterculture leading up to the Internet revolution.

The fall of the Twin Towers was ultimately an extremely costly “media event” that announced the definitive end. Emerging countries would no longer accept Western secularism as the norm, nor was the shaping of history any longer going to be the exclusive prerogative of white people. No longer can we in the West hide in the corner and count our marbles. That won’t work any more.

Let’s not resist but lead embracing change and unity, which we discuss in great detail here.

Yes, it’s time for a brand new consciousness… would you agree?


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