Your Experience of Life – Sweet or Sour?

What’s your experience of life?  Do you like to soak it in or desire to run away from it?

As you begin to consciously observe your own experience, you will find that you are everyone and everything within the field of your experience and eventually, you begin to own your own world. By owning your own world or creation you will be able to work on transforming it. Would you rather be a creator or always point your finger to the sky and blame other sources? And that question leads us to another one, so what is “out there”?

We seem to be indoctrinated as we grow up around the assumption that the world is really “out there,” but who bothers to clue us in? According to Emmanuel Kant, one of the West’s greatest philosophers said that is purely an assumption, as you can never know “the thing in itself.”

In other words, you are locked up within your experience and have to take on pure faith what you observe, that it really is “out there.” But isn’t faith is the core of any religion or spiritual matter? Does that make it a much more interesting game for us to play in?  It certainly does! Especially, when we look around and see an interesting balance of believers, non-believers and believers who are driven by a powerful faith.

The world seems to conform perfectly to the assumption that it is really out there, except when you fall into the gap, as in The Matrix, where you see the same black cat go across the screen twice. Though a compelling illusion, this world is not always entirely convincing.

As Ken Wilber points out in the Lower Left Quadrant of intersubjective experience, we interpret through our culture, which is, paradoxically within our Ultimate Self. As you proceed down this path, you discover you can’t really go anywhere, except to refuse to play, to entirely avoid the subject by pretending not everything is encapsulated within your own experience. The world calls this view “solipsism,” suggesting that it is ultimately narcissistic. Most people back off from this emotionally, as they don’t wish to confront the feeling of being ultimately alone.

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